Welcome to the YPN



However, the Hangouts will be held regularly on Wednesday at 8:15pm (you can click the link to join from 8pm) allowing more people the opportunity to get involved and regularly. One tip would be to use ear/headphones during the Hangout so we don’t get any feedback spilling back to the group.We have regular members joining the Hangouts, so we can talk about ‘how that appointment went with the neurologist’ or ‘ how the new exercise plan is working’.

The Hangout offers continuity, opportunities to meet and make new friends. In fact, some of my closest friends are now the very people who engaged with me back in 2015. We share this journey together and it really, really helps! You will need a Google email to take part.

I also use this site as a place for me to share my journey in the way I think is the most effective and beneficial to others like me- and not just for a few minutes of momentary awareness. You can judge for yourself by reading some of my blog posts (new ones to be uploaded soon!) or by watching my video content on YouTube.

Parkinson’s is life changing and not life-ending.

This is the YPN. I hope you find it helpful.

David Sangster

*Look out for our Twitter Chat using the hashtag #parkiechat on Twitter in the coming weeks.