The one with Tonya and Chad

On this weeks extended show: Rob Jaques and I try to stick to the script – topics include Eurovision, our weekly G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) feature and Rob chooses the Cover Song of the Week’.

Guests on the show are Tonya and Chad Walker from Florida, USA. They recently launched their very honest and very insightful podcast series ‘PD Connect’ about living together with Parkinson’s.PD_Connect_Logo

Chad and Tonya (@theshoemaven) talk about being diagnosed at 35 whilst pregnant with her son, DBS (Deep Brain Surgery) and how it brought them closer together, as husband and wife.

We also welcome Dave Clark to the show with his weekly offering! Simon is back with his Science of Parkinson’s Roundup.

Paul closes out the show with his eclectic musical offering!

Special thanks, as always to Jean-Paul

Tune in next week!