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David Sangster

Each week the show plays a mix of new music and pretty much anything that the guys read about or fall into on Spotify in-between live broadcasts. David and Paul are both from Bolton (UK) and regularly attended gigs together, in nearby Manchester (something about the music ), for several years until Paul moved to San Diego (USA) in 2009. David was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 29, in 2011. But they have stayed in touch online, trading their latest musical tastes, with Paul making annual visits back to blighty to see family and friends.

Paul Hutchinson

A couple of years ago, David decided to get ‘out there’ and join a growing online community of people with Parkinson’s – of all ages.

After spending much of his time raising awareness of the condition, meeting many interesting people along the way, David found and he was immediately drawn to it’s appeal and purpose as a means to allow people to express themselves and also have their voice heard. All the DJ’s who broadcast from across the world have Parkinson’s.

David became a DJ and asked Paul to join him by recording a weekly spot on the show. It really works and Pauls contribution really adds value to the 60 minute show each week.

The show also has regular guests. You can hear a snippet from a recent interview with Brian Lowe, from London, talking about his experience of Parkinson’s and how important it is to keep smiling.

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Simon Stott

More recently, Simon ( joined David and Paul with his weekly ‘Research Round-up’.

Supposedly a 60 second weekly spot on the show, Simon has failed to keep it to time as he talks about the latest news, clinical trials and encouraging progress being made in the treatment and hopeful reversal, halting or maybe curing of the degenerative condition. As Simon explains; “Plain English information about Parkinson’s disease provided by scientists doing the research.”

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Rob Jaques

Update: Robert Jaques joins the show! You can hear the first show right here.

We really hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoy making it!



David, Paul, Simon and Rob.

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